For an appointment please telephone me on 0430 621 787 or book online.

Please leave a message and your telephone number on the machine if I do not answer personally. I will then get back to you as soon as possible. Following the initial free interview , my fee is now, as of 2017, $150 per 50 minute session. These days I rarely veer from that but for more intense longer term work involving two or three sessions per week, we discuss together whether or not a reduced fee per session is appropriate. The low fee places I do have are rarely available just because of the nature of the long term commitment.

If my fee is too high for you or if I have no spaces available at all I will offer you a referral to a similarly trained close colleague. You can go directly to make an appointment with that therapist and they also may sometimes offer one free interview. This direct approach will save you telling your story twice.

Alternatively even if I have no on-going spaces available, I may, if it seems necessary, to be able to offer you only the one off free interview. In that interview, we can work out together what is the best course for you to follow and that may still be a referral to a close colleague. When I do have spaces available we can use the free interview to decide whether we want to work together.

Lower cost therapy is a problematic issue for those of us in private practice. There are only so many hours in a week and this work is intensive AND – it IS how we make our living. We can only rarely accommodate someone who is not earning their own income and have to leave others to the public agencies. It is most regrettable but we are also often greatly impressed by the people who think their psychotherapy is worthwhile enough that they give it a very high priority in their budgets and often seek additional work to pay for it. Regretfully, my source in previous years of some low cost options with new or learning therapists is now lost so that the only options are usually Public agencies or through the Medicare Rebate.

As a general rule I do not offer counselling or therapy over the internet or telephone. Although, as a social worker I am eligible to be considered for Medicare rebates, I have not wanted to be part of that system as I have certain reservations about both the red tape involved and also about rebated fees for psychotherapy. However, sometimes my fees may be tax deductible.


Please note as well that I offer supervision to Somatic Psychotherapists and to counsellors or social workers who are interested in exploring their work from a psychodynamic perspective. I am also interested in supervision of body workers or any other therapists which involves exploring issues related to touch and hands-on work.


I work in Cardinia Shire as well as Camberwell near the junction

My room in Cardinia Shire could suit some people. My times there more flexible and so long as we arrange a time that avoids peak traffic it is an attractive option:

Please click here if you wish to make a booking enquiry or telephone me, Alison, on 0430 621 787.