Psychotherapist Colleagues

For the first time in 2009, the personal, professional profiles of some of Alison’s Melbourne psychotherapist colleagues were included on this website. Click to read the individual psychotherapist profile of Judith in Clifton Hill and Fairfield; Ronit in Richmond Sheila in St. Kilda Rd, or Leonie in Carlton or the Yarra Valley. You may then choose to contact any of the Psychotherapists directly for an appointment or more information.


Clifton Hill and Fairfield, VIC.




St.Kilda Rd


Carlton and Yarra Valley


Psychotherapist  Colleagues Information

All of these psychotherapist colleagues are members of the same association as myself (ASPA) and while I cannot take any personal responsibility for their work with you as their client, all are bound by the same professional standards as I am and are bound to adhere to the same ethical code of practice which can be found on the ASPA website cited above. All my colleagues are similarly involved in their own path of life- long learning including the supervision and professional development required by PACFA and our association. Each of my colleagues has their own particular location, experience, orientation and way of being. Additionally their individual fees and their terms of working with you may all be different from mine and from each other- but all are therapists I trust and whose devotion to good psychotherapy is paramount. When you come to see Alison or any of her colleagues your confidentiality is ensured. An important part of our ethical code and that of the ASPA is that we will not work with anyone who is a relative or close friend of our own or of one of our existing clients. What we can do when someone close to us or to one of our clients seeks help from us, is to refer them to one of our colleagues who, we know, is equally competent to work with them.

Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists (AASP) was formed as an amalgamation of two sister associations that had been formed in the late 1980’s by graduates and teachers from the somatic psychotherapy trainings in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. To learn more about the ASPA click on for their web-site. The Somatic Psychotherapy community in Melbourne and in Australia in general is quite small. However, interest has grown considerably in somatic psychotherapy with the recent upsurge in knowledge of body / mind-brain / emotional and early attachment connections. Serious disruptions to early attachment bonds with the primary care-giver(s) is a predictor of difficulties in later life and working with the consequences of such life stressors is an integral part of the psychotherapeutic work that my colleagues and myself do.

Somatic Psychotherapists

Interest in somatic psychotherapy has also burgeoned with the need in Australia, to find a psychotherapist who can work with people suffering post traumatic stress disorder and other effects of trauma. This is a particular niche for Somatic Psychotherapists because early trauma often manifests itself in the form of bodily symptoms rather than through words. Of course early trauma can also manifest as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, addiction or many of the other psychological and mental health problems all of which are amenable to psychotherapy.Alison and her colleagues have all undergone a rigorous training initially over at least three years and continued through additional courses, supervision, personal therapy and sometimes an infant observation. At present, training in Somatic Psychotherapy in Melbourne Australia, has been suspended but you could talk about it to Jeff Barlow’s Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy (ACCSP):

Alison and all her colleagues are eligible for inclusion on the PACFA Register of individual practitioners. PACFA is the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia formed as an umbrella body of Counselling and Psychotherapy Associations in Australia. PACFA aims to give counsellors and psychotherapists in Australia the ability to speak with one voice and to establish counselling and psychotherapy as professions in their own right separate from psychology and psychiatry. The ASPA was a founding member of PACFA. To learn more about PACFA click on PACFA has recently united with the Australian Counsellors Association (ACA) to form a national register of psychotherapists and counsellors (ARCAP) so that in the near future, being ARCAP Registered will be the hallmark of a therapist, counsellor or psychotherapist who you will know is required to have a known base line training, standards and ethics. This will provide you, the public with a higher degree of certainty in the credibility of our professions.

Please click here if you wish to make a booking enquiry with Alison in Hawthorn East, Judith in Clifton Hill and Fairfield, Ronit in Richmond, Sheila in St. Kilda Rd, or Leonie in Carlton or the Yarra Valley.

“As of July 2016 Alison also works in the Shire of Cardinia which may be convenient for people in the Outer Eastern suburbs”.